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Client Testimonies


I came to Jae in early February 2014 about 8 weeks after the birth of my second child via c-section. At the time I weighed 181.5 lbs and was in a size 10-12. My goal was to shed the baby weight and get back down to my pregnancy weight and tone, between 150-155 lbs. I want to be a hot mom! In just over 4 months, I have lost 25 lbs and counting and have gone down 2-3 clothes sizes.
Jae gave me the tools to achieve these goals. I saw Jae three times a week for 30 mins/day. He did excellent target training for my legs, abs and arms. He coached me on what I needed to do at home to achieve my goals through eating and exercise. All the exercises he taught me are all things you can do at home. The eating changes are totally manageable and if you do what he says you will lose weight and inches and still be able to eat, be satisfied and feel so much better. What I really like about Jae is his holistic approach to training. It is a combination of eating discipline along with exercising that creates big changes. However, he also recognizes the role of processed food, chemicals, dyes etc... in our homes and foods that aid in our unhealthiness and urged me cleanse myself of all those things. After changing to this lifestyle for the last 4 months I can say I am so much happier and healthier.
My transformation has also had an effect on my family, who after seeing my quick results and continued progress using Jae’s program have adopted it themselves. My kids see mommy exercising and eating right and that sets a life-long example for them. I am very thankful to Jae for sharing his expertise and resources with me and proud of myself for having the discipline and drive to see it through. Each step you make big or small is getting you that much closer to your goal, let your first step be with Jae and I know you will reach your goal.


I came across a friend's picture on Facebook that was posted by Jae. She like myself has had children and just wanted to get her body back. I contacted Jae to see what his training was all about. I have three kids four and under. I just wanted to get my body back and be more tone than flabby. I wanted to look more like I used to--for myself and my husband. I met with Jae and started training. I have been training for about 3 and a half months and have noticed a major change in my life style. He is very encouraging and motivating. At first I would have to say I was a little intimidated but he walked me through every exercise and if I couldn't do it then he assured me that I would get stronger and that I would be able to do it. He gave me many great pointers on eating and exercise. All of the exercises that he taught me I could do at home, which made things easier for me. After this time with Jae, I have lost almost 20 lbs, many inches, went down in clothing size, gained some muscle, and feel great in my own skin again. I am more confident and believe that I have gained a lot more strength. I am currently a lower weight than before my first child, but more importantly I have learned how to eat better and listen to my body. Thanks Jae, for all of your insight, knowledge, and motivation to be the best me that I can be.


Maria implemented a lifestyle from information obtained from the fat loss consultation to achieve her personal health fitness goals


Rohan lost thirty pounds following the doable eating regimen from adhering to what was learned from the fat loss consultation.