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Multifaceted personal training at it's best ! Attentive to each individual persons response to training. Alert to breathing, heart rate, form and body mechanics to promote optimal results in symmetric appearance. Training may involve the utilization of boxing training, Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, Kick Boxing, cardio programs, weight training, medicine balls, agility drills, aerobic training, jump rope, kettle bells, body armor, punch mitts, focus paddles, plyometrics, steps, battle ropes and nutrition coaching.




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Be The Best!

If you take care of your body, it will take care of you. If you neglect your body, sooner or later your body will eventually work against you. So if you're looking for trainers that love getting you the results you want, continue to scroll down to fill out the form below and send. I will call you within 48 hours of pressing the send tab along with your contact information to start your process to lose weight and fat for good.


Professional Boxer


Apex Personal Training Studio
1873 Lake Pine drive
Cary NC 27513

United Thai Boxing and MMA
4900 NC Hwy 55
Durham NC 27713

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My Story

I personally strive to be the best in everything I do. I realized the struggle of many who want the right answers to weight loss / fat-loss but are frustrated due to countless accounts of misinformation, myths and diets. This compelled me to make personal training / coaching a career to help you obtain what I know you can with the proper information / training. I'm dedicated to encourage, uplift / direct you to be the best! I know my team members and I can get you to your personal fitness goals if you do what we ask you to do. It will take hard work, dedication, determination, will power, persistence, time, pain, sweat and maybe some tears.


Training Times 4am - 8pm / Mon - Fri

90 minute fat - loss consultation - 01 session

03 month Life changing program - 50 sessions

06 month lifestyle change program - 100 sessions

12 month lifestyle change program - 200 sessions

8 week training program to prepare professional boxers for fights

Programs consist of high intense half hour or hour sessions dependent upon availability of the trainer for optimal results.

*** no refunds ***