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Multifaceted personal training at it's best ! Attentive to each individual persons response to training. Alert to breathing, heart rate, form and body mechanics to promote optimal results in symmetric appearance. Training may involve the utilization of Boxing training , Muay Thai, Kick Boxing, Wrestling, grappling cardio programs, weights, medicine balls, agility drills, aerobic training, jump rope, kettle bells, body armor, punch mitts, focus paddles, plyometrics, steps and battle ropes. Master weight management to lose unwanted fat, build lean muscle, tone, strengthen and condition your body.

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If you take care of your body, it will take care of you. If you neglect your body, sooner or later it will eventually work against you. So if you're looking for fun trainers that love to get you the results you want, scroll down to the bottom of this page and look over the programs then scroll back up this page to the contact area to fill out the required information and send. Once I receive your information I will call you within a 48 hour period.


  • ISSA
  • Life Coach
  • Fat-loss Specialist
  • Professional Boxer

Professional Boxer


Apex Personal Training Studio
1873 Lake Pine drive
Cary NC 27513

United Thai Boxing and MMA
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My Story

I personally strive to be the best in everything I do. I realized the struggle of many who want the right answers to fat-loss but are frustrated due to countless accounts of misinformation, myths and diets. This compelled me to make personal training / coaching a career to help you obtain what I know you can with the proper information / training. I'm dedicated to encourage, uplift / direct you to be the best! I know my team members and I can get you to your personal fitness goals if you do what we ask you to do. It will take hard work, dedication, determination, will power, persistence, time, pain, sweat and tears. So if you are ready to change your fitness level / lifestyle with some of the best personal trainers in the triangle then give me a call to find out if I or my team can accomodate your schedule.If you are looking to be your best then train with the best!


Training Times 5am - 6 pm / Mon - Fri

03 month lifestyle change program - average fat loss approximation 10 - 020 lbs 050 sessions

06 month lifestyle change program - average fat loss approximation 30 - 060 lbs 100 sessions

12 month lifestyle change program - average fat loss approximation 70 - 100 lbs 200 sessions

Please note a weight management consultation is the most important component to your success throughout your personal fitness journey, especially for those of you looking to obtain optimal fat-loss. As a fat-loss consultant, I've had outstanding results with several clients over the years. Knowledge put in action is the key to reaching your fitness goals. Therefore a weight management consultation prior to fitness training is crucial. I nor any of my team members train anyone who needs to lose a considerable amount of unwanted fat because we honestly can not guarantee your success to your desired weight without the proper instruction of how your body works throughout this process. Truth be told we can train you until you are blue in the face but without the priceless knowledge of losing unwanted fat effectively you will sabotage whats achieved throughout the workout process while with your trainer.Also be mindful that permanent fat-loss is not predicated upon working out as the majority presumes. Permanent fatloss is predicated through knowing and doing what is learned as a lifestyle so as not to repeat former mistakes through dieting which is only temporal because once dieting is complete there was nothing really learned and if you obtain a specific goal you stop the diet to go back to what you know and end up back where you started. Learn how to speed up your metabolism , increase energy, lose unwanted fat and embark upon a doable lifestyle eating regimen that enables you to manage your weight. Thereafter working out is the icing on the cake, so to speak to accelerate the fat-loss process. So those of you looking to lose fat, which is the delimma for 75% of the US, inquire about a weight management consultation. Just think... It would be a travesty to have to be dependent upon working out to lose unwanted fat. With the proper information you can lose unwanted fat and maintain your desired fitness level when you are unable to work out.

All fat loss approximations listed vary per individual and is contingent upon each persons discipline and body response.
Each lifestyle change program is designed to promote success and to ensure completion of your personal fitness goals.
Programs consist of 2 to 5 days / week with high intense half hour sessions dependent upon individual needs of trainee for optimal results.
You will be trained 1 on 1 and all our attention will be on you and your personal goals towards your success in your program.
Training will be designed for each individuals desired needs and exercises will be modified according to limitations and ability.
Details will be discussed when contacted and is associated with the program in its entirety and final completion ***no refunds***